Camping and Caravan Sites

Camping and caravan sites can be an effective way of raising revenue from your land as proved by many farmers in the summer. If you are looking to turn your land into something a little more ambitious how about a golf course?

Of course, to develop your land to this extent can require large investment, planning permission and suitable land in the first place.

To use the land as a caravan park requires minimal financial outlay, as the land owner fees are set and retained from each pitch.

The land itself requires the following attributes:

  • At least half an acre of reasonably level land
  • 12ft gateway
  • Safe approach road
  • Screening from neighbours and surrounding countryside

The Caravan Club provide further information on how to go about setting up a caravan site.

Further uses might include wildlife parks, gardens, theme parks and riding schools - all of which will need planning permission.

Caravan Park - One of the many land uses

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