Land Use

Land can be put to many uses, below are just a few examples of what land may be commonly used for.

Land Investment

A shortage of residential land has caused land prices to increase 8-fold over the last 20 years (source: Finance Search).

Grazing Land

Grazing land is a common use for land but it's not always as simple as buying land with some grass.

Self Build

Around 10% of all new homes built in the UK annually are self-build homes but land for building on is a major hurdle to overcome.

Horse Paddock

Thanks to high demand from horse owners, pony paddocks are amongst the most expensive grazing land per acre.

Agricultural Land

The ALC (Agricultural Land Classification) System is a grading framework which was first developed by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1966


Woodlands for sale have long provided havens away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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