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Vantage Land spealises in freehold land for sale across England. We sell land from 2 acres in size as a tangible asset that could be used for paddocks, farming or recreational purposes.

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Grazing is a common use for land but it's not always as simple as finding land for sale with some grass. The type of animal being grazed is a key question in deciding whether a piece of grazing land is suitable.

Sheep are able to graze on land be it a hillside or a flat field. Horses require a loamy soil type to ensure the pasture would not be destoryed following a heavy downpour, owing to their active nature, and iron shoes.

Location, quality, size and supply all play a part in determining the price of grazing land.

Horse riding is an expensive hobby, and often means horse owners are prepared to pay more. Further to this the location of the land is often near to the city, town or village in which they live so the horse can be cared for regularly.

Land for equestrian use must then satisfy further criteria such as being well drained and sheltered from wind - perhaps surrounded by hedging. Land of this nature is much sort after and supply and demand can increase land values significantly.

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