Equestrian Land

More and more horse owners are looking to buy their own equestrian land. While not suitable for everyone, owning your own land will cut the livery costs for maintenance of the horse at a stables. It can make financial sense to swap rental of a stable to a mortgage on some land.

Equestrian land for sale can vary greatly in price depending on its quality. The essentials for the land to be suitable for horses would be:

  • Quality pasture
  • Good hedging or stock proof fencing
  • Water supply

Ideally you'd be looking for a site that provides at least one acre per horse. Other facilities to look for might include stables and floodlights.

One of the main benefits of buying your own pony paddock is the choice of location. Locate land for sale within a 15 minute car journey, incase of an emergency.

Good quality pastureland of one acre in size will provide for one horse. If the land is not of a good quality, the recommended minimum is 2 acres per horse. Consider splitting the land up into paddocks to rotate throughout the year. This allows the land to rest and the grass to grow again.

It is important to have good access to the site - from carrying bales of hay and food to all the tack equipment. The benefit of being able to drive up to the site is clear! A driveway of hardstanding will also be of benefit for all year round drivability.

To save carrying several gallons of water to your horse each day, mains connection is highly beneficial. Contact the local water company to get a quote for connection to the site.

Shelter for your horses throughout the winter months can be important. Is the land open to prevailing winds, particularly northeasterly? One alternative is to buy a mobile field shelter. As they are mobile, they do not require planning permission. Costing around £1000 they provide the horses with shelter but also act as temporary stable should one of your horses require restricted shelter due to an injury or lameness. They can also double up as storage for hay or feed.

You don't want your horses to escape and injure themselves, is the land stock proofed? A strong hedge may not be enough to keep your pony out of trouble! A stock proof fence will be required and factored into your budget - fencing a couple of acres with good post and rail or equivalent, could be over £5,000.

Horses are valuable and therefore could be stolen. Are there houses around or adjacent to the land? Is the land near street lighting? How secure is your gate? Is additional fencing required to make the land safe?

Local hacking/riding
Look at the local area for bridleways and offroad hacking. Finding yourself riding out onto a busy road may not make owning your own equestrian land so pleasurable.

Land for Sale from Vantage Land

Vantage Land spealises in freehold land for sale across England. We sell land from 2 acres in size as a tangible asset that could be used for paddocks, farming or recreational purposes.

Call Vantage Land on 01727 701642

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